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▷ Regatta Club Cove 🌊

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Regatta Club Cove - Panoramic view from a rocky area.
Panoramic view from a rocky area.
Regatta Club Cove - Area of fine golden sand.
Area of fine golden sand.
Regatta Club Cove - Northernmost area.
Northernmost area.
Regatta Club Cove - Views to the south.
Views to the south.
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Semi-urban cove, located in the capital of Alicante. Its approximate length is 70 metres. Located between Postiguet Beach and The Sangueta Cove. We are in a small sandy area with some small rocks next to it.

Img 0 Panoramic view from a rocky area.

Clean and calm waters, thanks to the surrounding breakwaters that prevent direct waves. An ideal place to share with the family, stroll and sunbathe. It is especially suitable for children, as there is little variation. It is quiet and in the low season it is not crowded.

As it is easy to access and the road practically leaves us at one side of the cove, it is also recommended for people with reduced mobility. Near the cove we will find different services such as bars, restaurants, parking, nautical schools and viewpoints.

Img 1 Area of fine golden sand.

Being next to the Real Club Sailing School, we will be able to see the sailing boats. And here, we can start practising water sports such as kayaking and Paddle Surfing. A 15 minute walk along the Paseo de Gomiz will take you to the Postiguet Beach.

To access the cove, by Tram, take lines 1, 3 and/or 4 to the Sangueta stop. By bus, take route 21 and/or 22 to the Villajoyosa 2 stop - Estación de la Marina and walk for about 10 minutes. By car, take the Av. de Villajoyosa at the Paseo de Gomiz. To park, there is a small free parking area next to the beach.

Img 2 Northernmost area.

Hotels in Regatta Club Cove and other accommodation

If you want to stay here, we have chosen several accommodations near Regatta Club Cove so you can feel the breeze and the smell of the sea. You have the hotelMaya Alicante. Also in private flats such as Las Brisas Del Mediterráneo, Casa Turis, Flamenco I, City Sea Viewsgeneral.i Balcón al Mar.


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What hotels or accommodation can I find in Regatta Club Cove?

Here is a list of hotels, flats and other accommodation near Regatta Club Cove.

  • Booking accommodation in Alicante
  • Hotel Maya Alicante
  • Apartment City Sea Views
  • Apartment Casa Turis
  • Apartment Las Brisas Del Mediterráneo
  • Apartment Balcón al Mar
  • Apartment Flamenco I

Did Regatta Club Cove receive the blue flag award?

Regatta Club Cove does not have the Blue Flag award.

Is there parking at Regatta Club Cove?

Yes, in Regatta Club Cove there is a parking area nearby.

Are there any beach bars, bars or restaurants on Regatta Club Cove?

Yes, in Regatta Club Cove there are some beach bars, bars or restaurants nearby.

Is Regatta Club Cove nudist or naturist?

No, nudism or naturism is not allowed on Regatta Club Cove.

Is Regatta Club Cove a beach where dogs and pets are allowed?

No, dogs and pets are not allowed on Regatta Club Cove.

Is it a good place in Regatta Club Cove to spend the night with a camper van?

Yes, in Regatta Club Cove or nearby there is a place to spend the night with a camper van.

Is there an area for motorhomes in Regatta Club Cove?

No, in Regatta Club Cove there are no special areas for motorhomes.

Is it possible to get to Regatta Club Cove by bus or other public transport?

No, Regatta Club Cove cannot be reached by public transport.

What services are available at Regatta Club Cove?

The Regatta Club Cove has the following services:

How to get to Regatta Club Cove?