Raco de Conill Cove

1. Raco de Conill Cove

This is a nudist cove with a lot of charm. Located between mountains and with a pine forest that reaches the sea. We find two coves, one of sand and another one of stones divided by a great stone tongue that makes of this place a spectacular landscape.

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El Torres beach

2. El Torres beach

This beach of considerable extension, we have several factors that make it very attractive to come to enjoy it. It is wide, with trees and shade where you can have a picnic, with a beach bar and camping. In short, a good place to enjoy the sea in different ways.

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Esparrello Beach

3. Esparrello Beach

This nudist cove, near Villajoyosa is of fine sand and is surrounded by a small rocky formation with very special undulations that makes this a very beautiful place.

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Charco Beach

4. Charco Beach

This beach, of great extension, has a special charm to have an old tower on top of a rock next to the sea and very nice views.

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Bol Nou Cove

5. Bol Nou Cove

This small beach of 220m of extension and 30m of width, we will find like in the paradise, has a special beauty. Its medium size, its fine sand and small gravel and the two cliffs of yellowish rock with undulating forms, create a magical and cozy space, where to enjoy a day of beach and relax.

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La Caleta Cove

6. La Caleta Cove

We found this wonderful cove a few minutes from Villajoyosa, a quiet place with a charming landscape where you can enjoy the sea.

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Paradis Beach

7. Paradis Beach

This is a boulder beach with some parts of sand and it is one of the most visited of Villajoyosa, even so it has an average occupation because of it is one kilometer large and 26 meters of width, and it is for this, we can stay relaxed without crowds.

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Varadero Cove

8. Varadero Cove

It is a semi-urban cove with medium and small gravel, 110 metres long. With medium - low occupancy in high season. Where to enjoy a day of the sea calmly and with a few very beautiful views. A special place for snorkeling.

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City Beach

9. City Beach

In this big urban beach with blue flag and all the services, we will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the colorful old helmet of Villajoyosa, its great extension of sand, its zones of palms, games and sea. Walk along its promenade and savour its rich gastronomy. Bathe in its clean waters and enjoy this special place.

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Puntes del Moro Cove

10. Puntes del Moro Cove

It is a semi-urban beach of Villajoyosa, 210m long and 4m wide. It is located between the new promenade and a mountainous area. It has two more comfortable spaces, with gravel and smaller boulders, the rest are larger pebbles and several eucalyptus trees that give us shade.

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Malladeta Cove

11. Malladeta Cove

This cove is made of pebbles and rocks with an extension of 50 meters. It has a difficult access and few times I have seen people in it. It is in a very special corner, for the environment in which it is, with an area with cliffs, a small pine forest and for the views of the Tower and Villa Giacomina.

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Fonda Cove

12. Fonda Cove

This is a cove that is a rock platform of little size from which to access the sea. It is not very accessible since it is necessary to go walking but it is a very pleasant corner in which to be alone. Very good place to snorkel and enjoy its seabed and surroundings.

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