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We are at the foot of the monumental Ifach rock, in its southern part, an enclave with beautiful views. This semi-urban cove is of medium-sized gravel and small as we get closer to the sea. It is delimited by the seawall of the Calpe marina and fishing port. It is 70 metres long and 20 metres wide. It has an average influx in summer, so you will have space and a beach bar where you can eat or have a drink, only during the high season months.

Panorámica de la cala y con el Peñón de Ifach al fondo.

There is an attractive promenade, the Príncipe de Asturias ecological promenade, which surrounds part of the Ifach rock and where you can see the impressive mass of rock that rises almost vertically out of the sea. Here you will see people out jogging or just strolling and enjoying the beautiful views, and even climbers going on one of the many routes.

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This place is of special interest for snorkelling and diving, as it is protected by the dyke of the port and the rock. Its rocky seabed and the large meadow of posidonia oceanica that cleans the water also help. Although the sea is a little rough, its waters are very clear, so you can enjoy its beautiful seabed and observe its marine flora and fauna. See here the snorkelling dive we did along the coast and where we were able to see several octopuses, including a couple that we photographed in full reproductive act, very difficult to see due to their elusive nature.

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Diving courses are held here and it is common to see students doing their first practice dives a few metres into the sea in front of the cove. Underwater panels can be seen, with images and information on the species of fish and marine flora for divers passing by. At about twenty metres from the shore a considerable depth is reached.

It is the ideal place to start a kayak or paddle surf route to surround and observe the Peñón de Ifach and enjoy the incredible sensations of finding oneself in front of its infinite cliffs.

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The entrance road to the marina leads to this cove, and although parking spaces are limited, you can take your things to it and then go and park, making it a very convenient place if you practise any sport such as kayaking, paddle surfing or diving, where you have to carry heavy equipment.

Hotels in Racó Cove and other accommodation

If you want to stay here, we have chosen several accommodations near Racó Cove so you can feel the breeze and the smell of the sea. You have the hotels Náutico, Porto Calpe, Náutico Igeneral.i Marítimo. Also in private flats such as Rosa Marina, Torre Alexandra, Penyal, Levante Beachgeneral.i Bahía Mar.

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Cala el Racó - Panorámica de la cala y con el Peñón de Ifach al fondo.
Panorámica de la cala y con el Peñón de Ifach al fondo.
Racó Cove
Racó Cove
Racó Cove
Racó Cove
Racó Cove
Racó Cove


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Está playa de roca a los pies del peñon de Ifach en Calpe es perfecta como punto de salida de una excursión supera. Podemos poner como objetivo costear al rededor del Peñon disfrutando de la impresionante mole de piedra que parece emerger de en medio del Mediterráneo. Según avanzamos la altura de las paredes y la profuncidad de los acantilados marinos iran generando en nosotros sensaciones muy particulares, una energía muy especial que solo se siente cuando se está en comunión con la naturalza.
Mi favorita en calpe. Un rincón pequeño y encantador bajo el peñón. Donde los cantos rodados, la escollera y el peñón posibilitan la abundancia de vida de todo tipo. Un lugar ideal para hacer snorkel. A unos 250 metros de la orilla a unos 6 metros de profundidad podemos ver los restos de la caldera de vapor de un pecio de principios de siglo xx.
Cala pequeña y acogedora, siempre SUPER TRANQUILA. De fácil acceso, con aparcamiento y en el buceo miras hacia arriba y siempre tienes como referencia la sombra del gran Peñón d'Ifach. Increíble!
La Cala el Racó es una cala seminatural perfecta para bucear gracias a la claridad y limpieza de de sus aguas, se puede acceder por un puerto pesquero o a través del paseo Príncipe de Asturias, la cual nos invita a realizar un interesante paseo y descubrir desde otro punto de vista la belleza de nuestra costa mediterránea. Esta cala es perfecta para realizar buceo y dar un paseo marítimo


What hotels or accommodation can I find in Racó Cove?

Here is a list of hotels, flats and other accommodation near Racó Cove.

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  • Hotel Porto Calpe
  • Apartment Rosa Marina
  • Hotel Marítimo
  • Hotel Náutico
  • Hotel Náutico I
  • Apartment Torre Alexandra
  • Apartment Penyal
  • Apartment Levante Beach
  • Apartment Bahía Mar

Did Racó Cove receive the blue flag award?

Racó Cove does not have the Blue Flag award.

Is there parking at Racó Cove?

Yes, in Racó Cove there is a parking area nearby.

Are there any beach bars, bars or restaurants on Racó Cove?

Yes, in Racó Cove there are some beach bars, bars or restaurants nearby.

Is Racó Cove nudist or naturist?

No, nudism or naturism is not allowed on Racó Cove.

Is Racó Cove a beach where dogs and pets are allowed?

No, dogs and pets are not allowed on Racó Cove.

Is it a good place in Racó Cove to spend the night with a camper van?

No, in Racó Cove there is no place to spend the night with a camper van.

Is there an area for motorhomes in Racó Cove?

No, in Racó Cove there are no special areas for motorhomes.

Is it possible to get to Racó Cove by bus or other public transport?

Yes, there is a bus stop or other public transport near Racó Cove.

What services are available at Racó Cove?

The Racó Cove has the following services:

  • Lifeguard
  • Litter bins
  • Nautical Club

How to get to Racó Cove?