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The Queen's Baths are a group of 6 fish farms dating from Roman times, which were carved out of this rocky area of the coast. They were used to breed and supply fresh fish to the people of the time and now we can enjoy them as natural pools where we can refresh ourselves protected from the waves.

Detalle de las piscifactorias. Se aprecia perfectamente la separación entre ellas y los conductos que las comunican. Se observa la torre del molino del Morelló que aún se mantiene en pie.

Its name comes from the fact that in ancient times it was thought that these pools belonged to a Moorish queen, and this is how it has remained until the present day. There is a staircase that allows access from the promenade that runs along this part of the bay of Calpe. It starts at the Arenal Bol beach, passes through the Morelló cove, very close to this enclave and reaches the Cantal Roig beach, next to the fishing and nautical port, at the foot of the colossal Peñón de Ifach.

The areas next to the pools have areas of flat carved rock that we can use to lie down, and yes, it is better to bring a thick towel to be more comfortable. We recommend the use of booties to walk around the area and access the water more comfortably and without the danger of hurting ourselves with some rocks that the erosion of the sea has sharpened.

Panorámica de las piscinas naturales y el Peñón de Ifach.

This is a perfect place to snorkel and go through the channels that connect with the sea and walk along this rocky part of the coast, which normally has crystal-clear waters and watch the fish that today can enter and leave the pools freely.

These fish farms were connected to each other and to the sea by means of conduits. They had gates made of bronze or lead that allowed the water to enter but prevented the fish from escaping and probably had different species separated in each of the rooms.

Captura aérea de parte del yacimiento de los Baños de la Reina. Se conserva en pie el molino del Morelló.

They are part of an archaeological site consisting of a luxurious Roman palace with a circular courtyard, eight rooms and baths. It is one of the most important found in all of Roman Hispania and is located just across the promenade. The marble decorations and the precious mosaics found indicate that the inhabitant had a high economic level and today some of them are exhibited in the archaeological museum MARQ in Alicante.

So if you want to take a refreshing bath surrounded by a historic enclave, this is the place for you.

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