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The Palangre Cove, also known as Tamarit, is located in Torrevieja in the province of Alicante. It has a length of 50 metres by 10 metres wide, it is a small cove, it is located next to the La Purisima Avenue, next to the Crazy's Beach, it has an urban landscape and is composed of rocks, golden sand and calm waters.

Img 0 Panoramic view of the fine sandy cove.

The cove has a medium level of occupancy, with a sandy ramp, and is a suitable place for fishing. It has a promenade, footbaths and waste bins. The cove, although small, is kept clear and is visible as clean.

Img 1 Panoramic view from the north.

Located between the Crazy's beach and the Canine beach Punta Margalla, this cove represents an important history in Torrevieja. Its name refers to the longline fishing (traditional form of fishing), which is still used today to catch swordfish and tunas, an activity that is still carried out and which can be appreciated from this place.

Img 2 Detail of the rocky area and the crystal clear waters.

The uniqueness of this cove can be appreciated in its simplicity, as it disappears during the rainy season and appears in summer to provide warmth and company to those who visit it, with its crystal-clear blue waters. It is perfect for people who want to connect with the sea without going too far from the city.

Img 3 Detail of the crystal clear waters.

The way to get there is by car, you have to park a few minutes away, as there is no parking near the cove. We can also get there by foot, as it is easy, without any difficulty, or by city bus, taking the A line.

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