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This cove is bowling and stones has an extension of 50 meters. You have to walk and seldom have I seen people in it. It is in a very special corner, for the environment in which it is, with an area with cliffs, a small pine forest and for the views of the Tower and Villa Giacomina.

Vista panorámica de la cala desde el mirador de la torre. 

It is a site that I recommend for snorkeling as it has a varied seabed with rocks, sand and oceanic posidonia that creates interesting corners to explore. We can go to the Puntes del Moro beach by walking along the cliff between them and enjoying the sea bed. In the other direction we will arrive at the beach of Paradise.

Just next to the Tower is the Malladeta site, an Iberian and then Roman sanctuary, from where they made observations of the sun to know the equinoxes that determined the harvest times. There is a viewpoint from where to contemplate the cove and it has views towards the south, where we will see the beach of Paradise.

Vista panorámica de la cala con la Torre y el yacimiento del santuario de la Malladeta al fondo. 

You can leave the car on Avenida de la Marina Baixa and walk to the cove in 5 minutes, wear good shoes, the last meters is very steep so you have to be careful and with booties will walk more comfortably by the cove.

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La Cala Mallaeta en Villajoyosa no suele estar muy ocupada, su composición es de rocas, no es muy amplia ya que cuenta con 210 metros y de ancho 4 metros. Lo malo es que esta playa no tiene servicios regulares de limpieza, lo bueno es que tiene un hospital bastante cerca en el caso de que pueda ocurrir algo.