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The Fig Tree Cove is located in Torrevieja, in the province of Alicante. It has an approximate length of 50 metres by 10 metres wide, most of it is composed by stones, for this reason it is recommended to go with booties. The water is turquoise, shallow and clean.

This beautiful urban cove has a fairly large area of golden sand and is sheltered by rocky outcrops that protect it from the waves. We can also place ourselves on the rocky platforms on the sides to sunbathe and access the sea. Perfect for snorkelling and very easy to access with our paddle board or kayak

Img 0 Panoramic view of the cove with crystal clear waters.

Located between The Fox's Cove and Round Cove. It is a perfect beach to share with family and friends and to go sunbathing. It has an access ramp for people with reduced mobility. Thanks to its characteristics and the parking and easy access to it, it is used not only for bathing, but also for water activities such as snorkelling, paddle surfing and kayaking.

Img 2 Panoramic view of the cove.

A semi-urban but quiet beach, which is not disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the nearby towns. To access the cove there is a shallow, but not difficult descent, with wooden stairs that connect from the top of the ground to a few metres from the sand. There we find different services such as toilets, footbaths, parasol rental, lifeguard service and litter bins, indicating the care that must be taken for the use of this cove and the comfort of visitors.

Img 3 Rocky area.

Close to the cove there are different services; hotels, surf school, bars, taxi stations, Chinese bazaars, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants, making this the perfect place to enjoy the cove and its surroundings.

Img 5 Panoramic view of the cove from the rocky area, where there are platforms where you can put your towel, lie down and access the sea.

There is an open space next to the cove with plenty of parking spaces and as it is next to the road it is guarded. It is typical to find campers in this area, perhaps due to the beautiful view from this place. It is also accessible by bus with the A line.

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