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Torres beach is large and has gravel and pebbles somewhat larger depending on the area. We have two bays, one to the north of greater size and another one to the south, delimited by cliffs of rocks and a characteristic that makes it special with respect to other beaches or coves, which is the fact of having an area with trees, above all eucalyptus, that make that we can protect ourselves from the hard sun of half a day and be able to eat like a picnic under its shade. Behind the beach, there is an avenue with a border where you can sit comfortably. There are also several spots with foot showers.

Vista panorámica de la playa

It is a good place for snorkeling we have very nice areas where you can enjoy the seabed. I have not explored the part of the center but in the extremes, in the part of the cliffs we have a good conjunction of sand, posidonia and rocky areas that create beautiful spaces in which to delight, explore and observe the abundant marine fauna. On both sides, sometimes we will find people fishing and we will have to be careful because there may be jet skis touring these areas. It is necessary to go with the buoy of signaling or to go with much care always stuck as much as possible to the coast if we leave the zone of beach and we go by the cliffs. Above all the northern part, is very good place to go with kayak or paddle surf and travel along the coast area of rocky cliffs and a multitude of nooks and crannies.

Many people come to the northern part of this beach, in order to make a beautiful route that borders the coast and reaches the cove Finestrat. Halfway there is the nudist cove Racó de Conill and a little before reaching Benidorm we have a medieval tower that had defensive purposes called Torre del Aguiló.

Vistas panorámicas de la playa, desde la parte norte

To get here we have two entrances with which we can reach both ends of the beach by car. One is a dirt track to the south and the other is paved with a parking area in the north. Here we have the Torres campsite, which operates throughout the year and where you can camp or go with a caravan. It has a bar and in the summer months they put on musical shows. Also during these months there is a beach bar with tables in the shade of the trees where you can have a drink and enjoy the views of the sea.

Another attraction of this beach, is the Roman funerary monument, called the Tower of Sant Josep, the largest found in the entire Iberian Peninsula. This was done by wealthy people of the time, close to the roads so that people would remember them as they passed by.

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Idéal para hacer snorkel !! Es una cala muy preciosa a donde se puede hacer pic-nic a la sombra de los árboles. Es una pasada.
En esta cala he encontrado siempre gran cantidad de grupos de peces, entre otros siempre hay obladas, salpias, alguna tilapia y si buscas puedes ver algún tímido pulpo escondido.
La Playa de Torres es una playa mediterránea de rocas donde relajarse y disfrutar del sonido del mar. Es tranquila, ordenada, con poco trafico y excelente acceso. Cerca de ella hay diferentes chiringuitos con buena calidad con bebidas premium y una carta rica y variada
Para los amantes del senderismo, unos caminos por allí espectaculares.... con siempre el mar al lado ❤