▷ Coves and Beaches of Calpe 🌊

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Beaches of Calpe

Cantal Roig Cove

9 votes
Cantal Roig Cove

The Cantal Roig Cove, named so because of a large red rock that we will find right there, is located next to the port of Calpe, practically at the foot of the Ifach Rock, which gives us beautiful views towards it. 

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Arenal - Bol Beach

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Arenal - Bol Beach

The Arenal-Bol is a beach of fine golden sand. It is 1,200 metres long and 40 metres wide. Here you can enjoy the sea and the beautiful views of the bay of Calpe, between the Peñón de Ifach and the Morro de Toix.

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Hotels in Calpe

Find your hotel in Calpe and enjoy your holiday by the sea. We have made a selection of the closest hotels and accommodation to each beach in Calpe, so you can enjoy the sea breeze in your room.

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Portet Blanc Beach

10 votes
Portet Blanc Beach

This small semi-urban beach of coarse sand, located to the north of the marina that gives it its name, has a length of 100 metres and a width of 10 metres. The breakwater protects it from the waves and makes the sea calm on the beach. Perfect for children and for snorkelling and diving.

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Coves of Calpe

La Manzanera Beach

10 votes
La Manzanera Beach

It is a small cove of pebbles located in the urbanization La Manzanera. It is a quiet place with beautiful views, crystal clear waters and posidonia meadows where you can snorkel and escape from the crowds.

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Queen's Baths

4 votes
Queen's Baths

The Queen's Baths are a group of 6 fish farms dating from Roman times, which were carved out of this rocky area of the coast. They were used to breed and supply fresh fish to the people of the time and now we can enjoy them as natural pools where we can refresh ourselves protected from the waves.

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Adventure sports and other plans in Calpe

Book your adventure activities and plans to make the most of the sea. We have made a selection of the best plans in Calpe so that you only have to choose the one you like the most.

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Mallorquí Cove

7 votes
Mallorquí Cove

It is a small virgin and rocky cove located between Les Bassetes and Cala Calalga. It is suitable for snorkeling because of the tranquility of its waters and the low level of occupation even in the summer season.

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Racó Cove

13 votes
Racó Cove

At the foot of the monumental Ifach rock, this is an enclave with beautiful views. This semi-urban cove is made of gravel and is delimited by the containment dyke of the port and the rock itself. It is 70 metres long and 20 metres wide. It has an average number of visitors during the high season.

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Bay of Bassetes cove

9 votes
Bay of Bassetes cove

The bay of Les Bassetes has a small breakwater that protects from the swell coming from the north and northwest. There is a sandy cove about 20m long and 2 wide. We can access the sea from the cove and also from the breakwater that even has a pool ladder.

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Gasparet Cove

2 votes
Gasparet Cove

This natural cove, accessible only by sea, is surrounded by mountains, between two rocky outcrops of the Morro de Toix. There are few places on the Costa Blanca where we can enjoy such a mountainous environment and the sea at the same time.

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Morello Cove

8 votes
Morello Cove

It is a small urban cove of fine sand and easy access located in a busy area of this municipality. From there we can enjoy beautiful views of the Peñón de Ifach and a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, as well as snorkeling.

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Penyal Cove

12 votes
Penyal Cove

This small rocky cove of 100 meters long and 5 meters wide is located between La Fosa Beach and the Peñón de Ifach. It is a quiet naturist cove recommended for snorkeling or diving.

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Adventure sports and other plans in Calpe

Book your adventure activities and plans to make the most of the sea. We have made a selection of the best plans in Calpe so that you only have to choose the one you like the most.

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Discover the coast and the seabed of Calpe

Here you can see the best routes for kayaking, paddle surfing or snorkelling, free diving and scuba diving in Calpe that we have uploaded for the 7 Seas community. Get to know the coast and the fascinating seabed of Calpe before you visit them. You can also upload your trips to the sea and share them with the community.


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Which are the best beaches and coves in Calpe?

Which are the best beaches in Calpe?

List of the best beaches in Calpe, commandé selon l'avis de notre communauté d'utilisateurs.

Which are the best coves in Calpe?

Which beaches and coves in Calpe are best for families with small children?

List of coves and beaches in Calpe that have some conditions that make them good to go with children. We value the comfort of the fine sand, that they have playgrounds, that the unevenness of the entrance to the sea is not very pronounced or that they have parking near and good access to the beach.

What hotels or accommodation can I find in Calpe?

Here is a list of hotels, flats and other accommodation near Calpe.

  • Booking accommodation in Calpe
  • Mapa Booking
  • Hotel AR Galetamar
  • Hotel AR Diamante Beach Spa
  • Hotel AR Roca Esmeralda & Spa
  • Hotel RH Ifach
  • Hotel Port Europa
  • Hotel Bahía Calpe
  • Hotel Sol y Mar
  • Hotel Sea & Dreams
  • Apartment Santa Clara
  • Apartment Mare Nostrum
  • Apartment Cala Calalga
  • House Holiday Valverde
  • Apartment Vistas al Mar II
  • Chalet Villa Caleta
  • Apartment Playa de Oro
  • House En la Playa
  • Apartment Edificio Río
  • Apartment Del Mar
  • Apartment Frente al Mar
  • Apartment Caribe Playa
  • Apartment Villa Fiorito
  • Apartment Nerea Costa Calpe
  • Apartment Holiday Colon
  • Apartment Peñón de Ifach
  • Apartment Calpe Mar
  • Apartment Holiday Amatista
  • Hotel Porto Calpe
  • Apartment Rubino
  • Apartment Rubino 5C
  • Apartment Rubino 13 B
  • Hotel Bernia al Mar 9A
  • Apartment Realet
  • Apartment Friends La Reina
  • Apartment Les yeux dans le bleu
  • Apartment Ifac
  • Apartment Galtor 6
  • Apartment Cinema Duplex
  • Apartment Calpe
  • Apartment Morello
  • Chalet Abahana Villas Timeris
  • Chalet Brisa Plusholidays
  • Chalet Ocaso Plusholidays
  • Chalet Maryvilla Inspiración
  • Chalet Maryvilla Inspiración
  • Chalet Villa Acapulco
  • Chalet Canuta Baja
  • Chalet Villa Axel
  • Chalet Villa Tatiana
  • Chalet Pineda
  • Apartment Rosa Marina
  • Hotel Marítimo
  • Hotel Náutico
  • Hotel Náutico I
  • Apartment Torre Alexandra
  • Apartment Penyal
  • Apartment Levante Beach
  • Apartment Bahía Mar
  • Apartment Ático
  • Apartment Mascarat Oasis Beach
  • Apartment Morro de Toix
  • Apartment Mascarat 3
  • Chalet Bella Vista
  • Chalet Girasoles
  • Apartment La Manzanera 113
  • Apartment Apartamento frente al mar
  • Apartment La Muralla Roja
  • Hotel Manila Mar
  • House ATOSAL61
  • House Tere
  • Chalet Villa Sushil
  • Chalet Villa Manuela
  • Chalet Villa Eva
  • Chalet Spacious Villa
  • Chalet Villa Limasol
  • Chalet Primera Linea
  • Chalet Grand Villa Peñón
  • Chalet Villagame
  • Chalet Maryvilla 33
  • Chalet Maryvilla 42F
  • Chalet Villa Maryvilla
  • Chalet Maryvilla 41F
  • House Bungalow Maryvilla
  • Apartment Villa Guzman
  • Apartment Raelet
  • Hotel Hostal Residencial La Paloma
  • Apartment Aparthotel Carrio Sol
  • Booking LINK muni
  • House Vistamar

Which beaches and coves in Calpe have a blue flag?

List of coves and beaches in Calpe that have been awarded the blue flag?

Which beaches and coves in Calpe have chiringuitos, bars or restaurants?

List of coves and beaches in Calpe that have chiringuito service, bar or restaurant near them with food and drink service.

Which beaches and coves in Calpe are dog friendly and can you go with our dog?

List of coves and beaches in Calpe that are dog friendly and you can go with our pet:

Which beaches and coves in Calpe are best for snorkeling?

Which beaches and coves in Calpe are best for starting a kayak or paddle surfing trip?

List of coves and beaches in Calpe that we recommend to start a route or journey in SUP (stand up paddle surf) or kayak. For this we take into account that you have parking nearby and have good access to the place and also that there are routes with interesting views.

Where are the best places in Calpe for diving?

Here we list the best dive sites for diving, either from the beach or by boat in Calpe.