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If you're here, you want to start snorkeling and there's nothing better than this to start getting to know the underwater world. This is a fascinating universe, accessible simply with a pair of glasses and a tube, and that is going to surprise you pleasantly. It will also give you many hours of entertainment, at the same time that you do a very healthy exercise for your body and your mind.

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In this blog we want to make known all this world, for those who have not tried is encouraged to do so, to dive, and enjoy this natural environment that the sea offers us. We have all gone many times in our lives to the beach to refresh ourselves, but not all have explored the underwater world. Next time you are going to do it, I recommend that you take a pair of diving goggles, a snorkel and go into the sea with them.

Some people have not taken this step, because of fears that are very normal and widespread, but that we can also face and overcome. The ocean is not our usual environment, we are afraid of what we do not know and the ocean is so large that we are overwhelmed. There are many unknown animals and we do not feel safe in it. It may be that we have tried snorkeling, and not being accustomed to breathe through the mouth is strange. Also being partially submerged, the pressure that the water exerts against us, makes it cost a little more to breathe than on the surface and it may be that we feel overwhelmed in the water.

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I invite you that if you have any of these fears, you dare to fight them and enter the sea. But you have to have a lot of respect for it, because when it is scrambled it can be very dangerous, it has a lot of strength. With practice, starting in shallow places and with the sea calm, you will end up getting used to that new sensation of being submerged in the sea. You'll be surprised how easy it is to stay afloat with little effort, and go swimming and exploring the sea. I assure you that there will come a time when you will feel like a fish in the water and you will enjoy this wonderful aquatic world very much.

I encourage you to come with us to experience something that only in the sea you can feel, the freedom that comes from being in the water, dive, explore and contemplate the rich and diverse fauna and flora that exists under the sea.

Welcome to this fascinating underwater world!

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Buen artículo. Muchas veces por temor a lo desconocido no nos atrevemos a realizar determinadas actividades y cerramos nuestra vida a nuevas experiencias sin tener la certeza del porqué. En el artículo sobre snorkel invitáis a la gente a lanzarse a probar, a afrontar miedos , muchas veces fundados e irracionales. Dar este paso en el mar puede cambiar tu vida de forma realmente positiva, ante la duda lánzate ¡mójate!