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This cove is located in an area called the corner of Loix where the municipality of Benidorm ends and the Serra Gelada natural park begins. It is a nudist cove but there are also people who are not nudists. It has a length of 60 meters and is of fine sand and boulders with rocky areas so we recommend the use of booties. It is between the outcrops that form the Punta dels Pinets and the Cueva del Barbero (Barber's Cave).

Panoramic view from the road. In the background is the island of Benidorm, also known as the island of journalists. 

It is a good place to go if we want to disconnect from the crowd, is near the Levante beach. Because of the natural landscape and the rocky relief, it does not seem that we are in the tourist Benidorm, except for the fact that some skyscrapers can be seen from it. In high season it has hammocks rental and flag signaling the state of the sea.

It is a highly recommended spot for snorkeling because it is a rocky area and there is room on both sides for routes along the coast. To practice diving, or start kayaking and stand up paddle surfing routes (SUP), we recommend the neighboring Uncle Ximo Cove which has road access to it and we can more comfortably carry the equipment.

This cave is located in one of the ledges where the Cala de la Almadraba (Almadraba Cove) is located. 

We have a small area to park our car in the ledge located between the two coves and to access, you have to walk down a path with a short distance and some unevenness. It can also be reached by bus with the urban bus line 024.

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